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Automatic MySQL backups to Cloudflare R2 using Rclone

Cloudflare R2 is a cost-effective S3-compatible object storage with a generous free pricing plan - perfect for storing database backups. In this post, we'll create a bash script to automate the database backup process and offload them to R2 using Rclone.

10 minute read

Append trailing slashes to URLs in Nginx

In this guide, we'll configure Nginx to always append trailing slashes to URLs, improving consistency and avoiding potential duplicate content SEO issues. Plus, we'll cover testing HTTP redirects to ensure everything is working as expected.

6 minute read

Hosting high traffic WordPress sites on SpinupWP

SpinupWP is hands down the best way to host WordPress on your own server - and not just brochure sites that are heavily cached. In this post, we'll dive into optimizing SpinupWP for high-traffic sites to ensure they're blazingly fast and reliable.

9 minute read