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You’re in the right place. Hey! I’m Ashley Rich, a WordPress expert and systems administrator with over 10 years of experience. I specialize in making WordPress fast.

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Ashley has been my go-to “server guy” for years. He knows what it takes to serve WordPress lightning fast and securely.

— Iain Poulson, Business Owner

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WordPress Performance

Why is it important?

Web performance is essential for any industry. A slow site can frustrate users, decrease user engagement and cost you money.

User experience

Slow-loading sites frustrate users, leading to less engagement and lower satisfaction. High-speed, responsive sites keep users coming back time and time again.

Conversion rates

Efficient, quick-loading sites help keep users engaged, increasing the likelihood of conversions. This can mean more sign-ups and more sales.

SEO ranking

Search engines favor fast websites. Google, for instance, includes site speed as a ranking factor. Better performance can boost visibility, driving more organic traffic to your site.

Bounce rates

Research shows that over half of users will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. A fast-loading site gives you the best chance to retain users.


How can I help you?

Is your WordPress site slow, or do you need help with WordPress hosting, migrations, or scaling? I have the expertise to help.


Not sure where to start? An in-depth WordPress performance audit can help you identify your site’s problem areas.


Is WordPress caching giving you a headache? I can help you implement a caching strategy for blazing-fast load times.


Are you looking to improve your WordPress deployments? Let’s work together to streamline your deployment process.


Not sure what hosting solution is right for you? I can help you choose a suitable solution that matches your requirements.


Are you looking to migrate your site to a new host or server? Let me manage the process for a seamless migration.


Are you expecting an influx of traffic, or is your current hosting solution grinding to a halt? Let’s talk scaling.

Portrait of Ashley Rich

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